Simple, no-nonsense pricing I offer simple appointment prices and packages.

Initial Consultation

£ 65

90 minute appointment

  • A detailed health questionnaire discussing previous health diagnosis or current symptoms. I will then suggest a bespoke food and lifestyle plan designed to help you achieve your own health goals.
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Follow Up Appointments

£ 45

45-60 minute appointment

  • Follows Up appointments allow us to review your progress so far, address any challenges, discuss any new symptoms and make amendments to your plan. The number of Follow Ups and progress of each individual is determined by current health and the goals you’re hoping to achieve.
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Intolerance Testing

£ 80

60 minute appointment

  • Intolerance Testing tests for more than fifty common foods. Results are ready within 45 minutes and dietary alternatives and recipes will be offered. Advice will be given on how these changes can be incorporated into your current diet and lifestyle with as much ease as possible.
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Vitamin D Testing

£ 50

60 minute appointment

  • The right levels are vital for optimal health and disease prevention. Requirements are very individual and without testing it’s impossible to know just how much you need. Testing is simple and can make all the difference to ones health.
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Initial + 1 Follow Up

£ 100

  • Normally £110
  • Save £10
  • Initial Consultation
  • Plus 1 Follow Up appointment
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Initial + 2 Follow Ups

£ 140

  • Normally £155
  • Save £15
  • Initial Consultation
  • Plus 2 Follow Up appointments
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Initial + 3 Follow-ups

£ 180

  • Normally £200
  • Save £20
  • Initial Consultation
  • Plus 3 Follow Up appointments
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Each treatment plan is individually tailored, involves a whole body functional approach and the may involve different techniques. Knowledge is an important part of the treatment plan and I aim to help educate each patient on their injury and the therapies used in their rehabilitation. Throughout the treatment, should you have any questions or concerns, please notify me immediately so that the treatment can be explained further, or modified appropriately. All patients under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Please bring to your appointment

Referral letter from your GP or other referring professional if applicable, including their contact details.


Payment for appointments must be made at the end of your session by cash. I apologise that I cannot accept payment by card at this time. A receipt can be given on request.

Cancellation policy

24 hours notice of any cancellation is required. The full fee may be charged for non-attendance or cancellation with less than 24 hours notice.